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RadiMation - Automated EMC Test Software Solution

All EMC Immunity and Emission Tests Integrated in One Package

The last generation of RadiMation® EMC Test software combines Immunity and Emission testing, conducted as well as radiated, plus Automated Pulsed Immunity testing (ESD, EFT/Burst, Surge and ‘Voltage Dips and Interrupts’) and an automated test report generator in one integrated package for use throughout the test facility. Instead of automating one single EMC test, RadiMation® allows the user to perform complete EUT (Equipment Under Test) testing.

RadiMation® has been developed in close co-operation with recognized EMC test laboratories and has been optimized for use in EMC test facilities. The package is open to all brands of EMC test & measurement equipment, supporting all standards - like consumer, automotive, military, telecom, medical and aerospace - and test results can be easily exported. RadiMation® makes fully automated EMC testing a reality without getting complex.


Running EMC tests can be a time-consuming process. Therefore, in the RadiMation EMC test software package control of test instruments is optimized to the level where the dwell time at each frequency point become the only limiting factor. Customer specific EMC tests can be created using an intuitive Graphical User Interface (GUI) and stored in a so-called technical set-up (TSF) file which can be retrieved and started with only a few mouse clicks. This prevents the test engineers need to reconfigure tests over and over again repeatedly,  reducing  errors and  improving the efficiency of testing. The test set-up files can be performed in series (sequence) so that multiple EMC tests can be started without interference of an engineer. Sequences can be stored and retrieved for future use. Furthermore, the information needs to be inserted only once in RadiMation EMC software which improves the speed and reduces the chance of making errors.


The RadiMation® EMC test software is extremely flexible. While on one hand, a point-and-click philosophy is implemented the user can adjust the software to its own tastes and needs. All used equipment can be configured in separate test sites which are stored and can be easily retrieved and/or adopted in case needed. Furthermore, the sequence of events can be defined customer specific. For example it can be programmed to first change antenna movement, then the turntable angle and finally the polarization of the antenna followed by the next frequency step. This allows full flexibility of testing with maximum test speed based on the speed of the individual instrumentation.


The modular structure enables the user to select and adopt the test software to its intended use. The following RadiMation modules are available:

  • Radiated Immunity
  • Conducted emission
  • Conducted Immunity
  • ESD, EFT/Burst, Surge and Dips/Interrupts
  • Radiated emissions
  • Report Generator
  • Data export

Support for all EMC standards

RadiMation supports any EMC test standard with one single software package!. This includes Commercial, Military and Automotive EMC test standards. The software enables the user to create  customer specific EMC tests. Currently the RadiMation EMC test software is used in the following fields of industry:

  • Automotive
  • Business Electronics
  • Telecom equipment
  • Technical Universities
  • Medical Equipment
  • Defense / Military Equipment
  • Consumer Electronics
  • Industry (machinery, systems and installations)
  • R&D Test labs
  • Independent accredited Labs

Open Software

The RadiMation EMC software is open in three ways:

  • First and most important it is open to control any brand of EMC test & measurement instrumentation. While the device has any control interface, like GPIB, LAN, USB or RS-232. it can be connected and controlled by RadiMation. A device driver will be written for any type of instrument at no extra cost. Furthermore, users can also create specific device drivers for unsupported instruments using customer configurable device drivers.
  • Second, the data can be exported in many ways. Cut and paste, export to Excel format or in a comma separated file are ways to achieve maximum flexibility and benefit from the results obtained.
  • Third, RadiMation can be modified to the specific requirements of the user. All functionalities at different levels can be made available to everyone or to a limited number of persons. All these points give you the customer choice. Free in selecting your favorite instrument, the best word processor, database or spreadsheet.

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